Native babies [APH]

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Native babies [APH]


You know what's sad? I'm on Tumblr all the time and I never do anything on there. But that's where I am. 

As for fics, I actually still fill for the Kink meme... all the time.... and I mean all the time (like Tumblr) so... I should post some of those fills.

Maybe I should make a fic-related Tumblr? Dunno.

If you wanna know.
Teenmerica [APH]

[APH] And the Smoke Trailed Off [PruMano]

Title: And the Smoke Trailed Off
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: make-outs
Characters/Pairings: Prussia, Romano; PruMano (background GerIta)
Summary: Romano has quit smoking. Prussia has quit smoking. They're both loners with anxious fingers and bored mouths.
Notes: Oh my God I exist. Also, I'm still very active on the kink meme. This was a prompt I filled because I wanted to write people making out for fun and then plot happened. Also since when do I ship PruMano?

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Native babies [APH]

Guys, guys

Omg I exist. I.... yeah. I'm graduating college soon. I have so many unfinished prompts on the meme and... bleeeh. ALSO, also, I maaaaaay or may not be dabbling in the Legend of Korra nonsense because it is AWESOME.

/runs and hides
Teenmerica [APH]

A great Tumblr; a great studying tool

No, Tumblr is NOT a great studying tool. Anyway, I came across this blog recently: As much as it's really bitchy, it does raise a lot of valid points about doing your research in historical fics, and following canon, and whatnot while writing. As someone who tries to have accuracy in her fics I appreciate a lot of the tips on this blog.

That being said, I'm using fanfic writing as a reward system for work. Every time I write a little bit of this essay, I write a little bit of a kink meme fill I'm working on/ 2 USUK fics I have going at once (WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN NUMBER OF THINGS I'M DOING) so there's that.

That's all.

How're you?
Snow princess [A Little Princess]

[APH] Let Them Come [UKUS]

Title: Let Them Come
Rating: R
Warnings: UK/US, forbidden!sex, background GerIta
Characters/Pairings: UK, US; UKUS with background GerIta
Summary: The UN bans personal relationships among nations. They don't take this very well.
Notes: Not only is this a) another post but it's b) not a kink meme de-anon. I know, shocking. This was a plot thingy "what-if" I had floating around for AGES. Anyway, uh, enjoy.

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Teenmerica [APH]

[APH] Favourite [UK/Can]

Title: Favourite
Rating: R
Warnings: Empire/colony, kind of youngish!Matthew, frottage?
Characters/Pairings: England and Canada; UKCan, references to kind of awkward UKUS
Summary: France was America's first. So it was only natural that England be Canada's first... right?
Notes: What is this, a post? Who does that? Me, apparently! I wrote this for the kink meme, enjoyed it way too much and now here it is, de-anoned. If OP is out there on the horizon of LJ, I loved your comments! Here it is!

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Libraries [Tangled]


Whoever said that being a second semester senior in college was easy/fun/relaxing is clearly a liar.

I'm up to my eyeballs in crap. BLARGH. Most of it is sorority stuff. I guess that's my own fault.

Also I have a midterm next week? REALLY?

I've been so bluh about fics and whatnot, the only thing I have to show from the last two months is a couple kink meme fills. Last year I was all over Sweethearts week, this year I'm like.. oh that's happening? But I want to be all over it, I have ideasssssssssssss.

/whine whine complain

/goes back to reading about Aztecs
Forehead kiss [APH]


That awkward moment when you're excited to write a fill for the kink meme because the prompt was really cool and you had a good idea for it and you busted out the fic real quick and it was a good fic and you haven't written proper fic in ages only to realize you misinterpreted the prompt and wrote it backwards.

I mean, who does that?