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This journal is primarily for fanfics, drabbles, doodles, drunken/random ramblings, fandom thoughts, exclamations, and a little bit of fangirling. All of my fanfiction is public but all entries about my life (don't worry, they're few and far between) are friends locked. I hope you enjoy your stay and find some things worth your time :) I'm awful with HTML code so this journal style may change. It's been this one for awhile now but no promises. Groups I'm in:

aph_historyswap ; aph_fluffathon ; bias_what_bias ; captalia ; gertalia ; giripan ; golden_liberty ; hetalia ; hetaliafic ; hetaliafic_x ; love_and_pens ; ontd_pixar ; prussiaxhungary ; tomatoamado ; usaxjapan ; usxuk

Please feel free to friend me! I love friends! And leave a comment (if you want to) so I can meet you properly!

Tags: irl: introduction, irl: welcome, real life

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