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Hetalia Drinking Game!

So, breagadoir and I (okay, just me) have been searching for a Hetalia drinking game, but the internet has disappointed me in that I haven't found one. At ALL. Not even the beginning of one. What is this tomfuckery. In any case, here's one. Let me know if you have any additions/ideas/changes, because I want this to be THE BEST GAME EVER.

NOTE: I realize this is a drinking game and drinking games are meant to be semi-destructive, but if you partake in this drinking game, please please PLEASE have lots of water nearby, don't drink until you blackout, and do NOT drive afterwards or wander away. And don't do it alone! I care about you all!

With that out of the way, drinking game!

Take a sip every time:

- France hits on someone and/or is naked
- Someone either doesn't see Canada or mistakes him for America
- Japan avoids eye contact
- Italy says "ve" and/or "Doitsu" (Japanese track only)
- HRE blushes
- Someone is afraid of Russia
- Austria references pianos or plays one
- Hungary has a frying pan
- A strange animal appears on-screen
- A historical figure appears on-screen
- the narrator says something sarcastic about history (dub only)
- America mentions being a hero
- Any character is on That Damn Island
- Belarus creeps on Russia
- Poland talks. Just... talks. 
- Romano swears at somebody
- A character gets a drink/goes drinking
- a young nation is shown with a fuzzy animal
- Ukraine's boobs make sounds
- Prussia laughs
- Russia "kolkolkol"'s
- Greece is shown sleeping
- Belgium makes a cat-like face
- a male nation is shown in a dress 
- a real product is clearly parodied/censored
- England sees imaginary things
- Liechtenstein is cute
- Switzerland threatens someone/something
- a character uses their own slang (dub only)
- a historical event is represented in a ridiculously underplayed way (i.e., the London Blitz being shown as a bomb stuck in England's head)
- Two (or more) characters display sexual tension (your mileage may vary-- discuss with your compadres what counts as sexual tension)***
- Two (or more) characters have touching shippy moments (again, YMMV).***
- England fails at cooking
- The Italies cry because of something
- Someone captures someone else
- a character says a sound effect out-loud (both dub and Japanese)

*** These two can be moved to the "shots" section depending on your interpretation of sexual tension. I have a very liberal interpretation, and thus if it was take a shot I'd be dead in 5 eps, hence why it's up here. :)

Take a shot every time:

- Germany/someone swears in their native language (Dub only)
- Poland crossdresses
- There's an episode when none of the Axis powers are featured at all
- Tony says something vulgar
- Two or more characters are fighting
- America or Italy fail to read the atmosphere (take 2 for the omake with them talking about it)
- Italy sings an official song

Chug every time:

ADDENDUM: with this in mind, it is not advised to play this game while watching 'Paint It, White!'; you will be dead before the opening credits. -breagadoir

- Something happens that just makes no sense historically, story-wise, or anything; it's literally there for reasons beyond our comphrehension and/or because Hidekaz Himaruya is a loyal drug addict. Examples include:
    * Rome's Heaven/Hell song
    * Japan's weird fantasy about him and Switzerland
    * Hungary's visit from "God"
    * Prussia bitching about his lack of being a main character

Again, let me know if you have any to add/have any thoughts!

Tags: alcohol, hetalia, real life

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