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Oh, right, existing. Hrm.

Oh hey. Swear I'm not dead, just, y'know, abroad and all. Blargh. I don't know if it's this country or if I'm not quite on London time yet but I get so tired so quickly, it's very strange. Well, in any case, Hetalia has been bizarrely relevant to my life recently, so, there's that. I guess it comes with being a world history major, right? Right.

Anyway, London's fabulous, albeit cold, yadda yadda, and I'm trying to plan a trip to Berlin to go to the Christmas Markets. Hooray! Oh, and now I'm co-mod of a comm, isn't that just dandy? :3

And I have a final tomorrow. Blechhh.
Tags: hetalia, irl: london life, real life

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