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[APH] The Love That Tumbles from the Sky [ItaGer]

Title: The Love That Tumbles from the Sky
Rating: R
Warnings: sex and massive fluff
Characters/Pairings: Italy and Germany; ItaGer
Summary: Ludwig and Feliciano share a rare tender moment together in the darkness of the winter night.
Notes: And... guess what? If you said 'This is a kink meme de-anon, isn't it?' YOU WERE CORRECT. I've been reading a lot of really depressing historical fic lately, so I thought I'd proofread some of my sweeter fics. The prompt for this was basically just adorable, sweet, loving sex between these two, since they're pretty much made of sugar and rainbows already. Also note, I specifically said "ItaGer", not "GerIta", because life needs variety sometimes.


“Mm... Liebling...”


“...don’t stop doing whatever... whatever it is you’re doing.”

“Mmm, Ludi, I can’t kiss you if you keep talking.” There was a giggle, and a pair of fingers squeezed along Ludwig’s chin, and their lips were pressed together with a slight hum and a broken smile.

Ludwig, whose hand was already lost in Feliciano’s hair, stroked down the length of his head and his neck, leaving gentle scratches as he went, making Feliciano shiver. Ludwig was lying on his back, head propped with half a dozen pillows on the great big bed, with Feliciano leaning on his chest, fingers curled into the thin cotton of his tee, leaving soft, demure kisses along his swollen lips and pinked cheeks.

One sneaky leg was already curled around Ludwig’s ankle, perfectly shaped toes caressing the skin and bone of Ludwig’s ankle, calf and heel, and Feliciano nudged the other between his legs, knees bumping, Ludwig’s face splitting into a smile at the warm touch.

Liebling,” Ludwig mumbled, but Feliciano covered his mouth with another kiss. “Liebling...

“You talk too much,” Feliciano murmured into the flushed sweat-sheened skin of Ludwig’s face. He took a breath and smelled peppermint, and gunpowder, and sweet winter air. One of Feliciano’s hands snaked into Ludwig’s hair, pulling at it gently, parting it to the side brushing it over his broad forehead, softening the stark shape of his oval face. Feliciano then pressed red lips to white skin and closed his eyes once more, parting his lips just slightly against Ludwig’s forehead, as if wetting his palate with the taste of his tesoro.

Ludwig’s cheeks burned red-hot as he nuzzled Feliciano’s exposed neck and clavicle, resting his cheek along the bone and wrapping his arms around his trim waist.

Tesoro mio,” Feliciano breathed. “I love you.” Ludwig gave a chuckle that resembled a grunt and it reverberated off Feliciano’s throat.

“I love you,” Ludwig responded in a whisper. He never said ‘too’, never did and never would, because he felt it was cheapening his affections. There was no qualifier to it. It was just love love love.

Ludwig tightened his hold on his Liebling and slid one hand down past his butt, giving it a gentle squeeze and causing giggles to trundle from Feliciano’s lips.

“That tickles, Ludi,” he said, burying his nose in Ludwig’s hair as the other open-mouthed his neck with sultry grunts and pleased sighs. “You’re always so gentle, tesoro mio, like a flower.” Feliciano rested his cheek in soft golden locks as Ludwig worked his hands up the back of his shirt, and Feliciano rolled his hips so he was sitting in Ludwig’s lap, one knee pressed against Ludwig’s side, and he smiled at the feel of the calloused yet timid hands mapping his body.

“I’m always gentle,” Ludwig muttered through the skin of his reddening throat, “with things I love.” Feliciano wrapped his arms around Ludwig’s neck and gave him a squeeze, hunching his shoulders. His cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, everything was flushing pink and red and he felt light and giddy and his toes curled into Ludwig’s favorite blanket beneath them.

“I can’t believe Ludi just said that,” Feliciano commented as he ran his hand over the back of Ludwig’s head. Ludwig pushed on Feliciano’s chest and the other leaned back off of Ludwig’s shoulders, raising his arms above his head as Ludwig tugged his shirt free. Azure eyes followed up Feliciano’s chest and landed on his face, flushed and soft and smiling that smile that Ludwig was sure made him fall in love at first sight with the Italian all those years ago.

“Sorry,” Ludwig murmured, looking away, blushing even brighter. (Together they’d light up the Christmas tree in Ludwig’s front room.) “I-if I embarrassed you.”

“Of course not, Ludi,” Feliciano said, and he reached out and cupped Ludwig’s face in his delicate hands, and Ludwig was forced to look up at him. “There’s no one here but us.” He brushed his thumb over Ludwig’s cheek, and the line of the German’s lips softened into a smile. Feliciano released his cheeks and Ludwig tugged his own shirt from over his head, depositing it beside the bed. Feliciano crawled back under the covers, and he straddled Ludwig’s waist, leaning forward with pursed lips. Ludwig met him half-way, hands on his waist, trembling slightly under Feliciano’s hands on his neck and shoulders.

The heater hummed beside them and snow swirled through the small part in the silver-blue curtains, not a blizzard but just enough to dust the earth in a gentle white. Frost mosaicked the glass as dim yellow streetlights poured in where they could reach, casting diamond-like patterns on the far walls and the carpet. Feliciano released his hold on Ludwig’s shoulders and gravitated towards the German’s jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, sliding his hands under the lip, causing Ludwig to grunt and blush.

“F-Feli,” he breathed. “Liebling.” Feliciano smiled into his lips as his hands moved down Ludwig’s thighs, pulling the softened denim along with his wrists.

“You called me Feli,” Feliciano said in a voice just north of a whisper. “You never call me that, Ludi. I really like it.” He kissed Ludwig again, dipping his tongue past those swollen red lips, against rows of perfect white teeth, sucking on his upper lip as he pulled apart. “Mi piace il nome.” Ludwig released a tense breath as Feliciano’s hands drifted back up towards his hips, settling just below his waist.

D-Davvero? ” Ludwig struggled. Feliciano giggled, louder and more uncontrollable than before.

“Italian sounds funny in your voice,” he muttered. He nuzzled Ludwig’s cheek. “You have stubble.” Ludwig mmmed in response.

“That happens often... in the winter,” he whispered. Feliciano tugged his cotton pants down his thighs and discarded them to the side, squirming back underneath their duvet. He pressed flush against Ludwig’s chest, roaming his hands down his sternum and solar plexus, one hand reaching his waist and giving his neglected member a gentle squeeze. Ludwig scrunched up his shoulders at the feeling, raising his knees as Feliciano kissed his stomach.

Ludwig made to pull him down, somewhat pushing himself out from underneath him, but the Italian refrained, instead quelling his movements with a gentle stroke to his side and a nearly devious giggle from his throat.

“No, no, tesoro mio, you stay there,” he whispered.

With his hand still below Ludwig’s waist, he stretched out and grappled on the bedside table for a small bottle that had been placed there hours earlier, when they first had planned to get into bed. The sudden snowfall had postponed that and instead they opted for watching it tumble from the clouds in the dark house.

“Ludi,” Feliciano murmured, coating his fingers and kissing the bridge of Ludwig’s nose. “I want to make love to you.” Ludwig breathed through his nose and looked up at Feliciano as the smaller nation pulled his lips away from his perspiring forehead; Ludwig’s eyes were hazy and his cheeks were red and wet, his shoulders giving small heaves as he attempted to control his erratic breathing. Feliciano smiled and pushed him flat on his back, head in the pillows, leaning over him and reaching beneath him with his oiled hand, moving his other hand up to stroke Ludwig’s face from his forehead to his chin.

“I want to make you feel,” he murmured, “as beautiful and wonderful as you’ve made me feel for my entire life, tesoro mio. I love you.”

Ludwig just stared up at the other, light refracting in his dark eyes, and he traced the slope of Feliciano’s chin, his cheeks, his parted lips, his arched eyebrows...

“Alright,” Ludwig murmured, and he smiled as Feliciano leaned forwards and gave him a happy, excited kiss to his lips. Feliciano slid his hand underneath Ludwig and drew his fingertips, covered in oil, down the back of this thigh, the crevice of his knee, and down his calf, raising Ludwig’s right leg and hooking it over his shoulders, moving his hips forward, trailing back down his leg as Feliciano nipped at Ludwig’s upper lip. In a single movement, Feliciano began preparing Ludwig with thin, gently prodding fingers; fingers that held a paintbrush so expertly that everything they produced resembled a photograph, fingers attached to a palm sewn to a wrist that flicked when he twirled fettuccine with a fork, leaning over a burning cast-iron pan and grinning up at Ludwig as he ambled through the door.

Ludwig grunted, shifted, and bent his head back as Feliciano leaned over him, digging his toes into the mattress, kissing the shadowed space between his nose and his cheek, giving the saturated flesh a loving lick as he moved to kiss Ludwig’s chin. All the while, Feliciano was moving Ludwig’s hips, dropping down below them, one hand inside him and the other lost in his hair. Ludwig bit his lip as he screwed his eyes shut; he was so... unaccustomed to the feeling.

“A-are you alright, Ludwig?” Feliciano murmured as he pressed their foreheads together. “You look pained.”

“No, it’s f-fine, Feli,” Ludwig responded, and Feliciano prodded a bit deeper and Ludwig threw his head back against the pillows with a resounding gasp, trying to stop his chest from heaving unevenly. Feliciano kissed his chin and neck as he removed his fingers, traced up to Ludwig’s knee on his shoulder, and traced back down, settling over the base of his cock, smiling into his kisses as he did so. Ludwig stretched his toes and his cheeks were so red he felt dizzy, but a good, calm dizzy; light.

“I love you,” Feliciano murmured. He kissed and sucked on Ludwig’s exposed neck, stroking methodically, humming in pleasure at Ludwig’s labored breathing and harried gasps. “I love you.

“Unnggh—F-Feli,” Ludwig managed through gritted teeth. His veins were filled with heated water, bubbling through him and warming him up, so much he was sure his flesh was turning pink with heat (although Feliciano’s lips were certainly doing a number on his neck). Every time he made to touch or stroke his Liebling, Feliciano would shove him away, fully content on exploring the vast expanse of Ludwig’s chest and abdomen without any assistance.

Ludwig put a hand to his forehead and turned his head, burying it into the pillow, arching his back as Feliciano swirled his thumb around the sensitive tip, trailing a long, slow, open-mouthed kiss to Ludwig’s clavicle and releasing a soft moan as he did so. The arresting silence and the gentle rustle of cloth and curtains, mixed with labored breaths and pleasured sighs, was nearly too much for Ludwig. He couldn’t remember the last time that his flesh felt so heightened, that his nerves trembled with excitement, and his heart was so full he felt it would stop beating.

“Feli... Liebling,” he mumbled. Feliciano moaned in response and, much to Ludwig’s surprise, released his member from his skillful hands and instead steadied Ludwig’s burly hips with said hands. Feliciano sat up higher, still partially leaning over Ludwig, eyes soft and inviting, and he giggled and said

Bist du bereit?” without even bothering to try to pronounce the words correctly; the words dipped and swirled as if spoken in Italian, even though they were rough, sharp German words. Ludwig stared up at Feliciano with wide eyes, wondering just when Feliciano had gotten enough of a grasp on German to be able to utter such a thing., Liebling,” Ludwig said in a whisper. Feliciano smiled, rolled his hips forward, and entered with a grunt, digging his nails into the German’s hip bones. Ludwig clawed at the sheet beneath his fingers and closed his eyes against the initial pain and resistance—he wished he were more used to the feeling, honestly—but with a few strategic thrusts of his hips and a reassuring kiss from Feliciano, Ludwig began to breathe easier, eventually releasing the sheets and instead reaching for the face of the love of his life.

“Does it hurt?” Feliciano asked.

“A—a little,” Ludwig stammered. “It, ahh—unghh, Liebling—”

“Oh, am I hurting you?” Feliciano asked, and he immediately stopped moving to cover his hand with his mouth. “Oh, oh, Ludwig, I’m so sorry!”

“No—I am not hurt,” Ludwig managed. Damnit, Feli, why did you have to stop... “I’m just unaccustomed to—to this. I’ll be fine, I promise.”

“A-alright,” Feliciano said, and he kissed the bridge of Ludwig’s nose. “Should I...?”

“Mm, yes, a-a little faster...”

“Like this, t-tesoro mio...”

“Y-yeah, maybe—mmmmmohhhhhhhh, Feli,” Ludwig moaned, pressing his hips up against the delicious friction, feeling his entire body heat up from the inside out. Feliciano slid one of his hands underneath Ludwig, under the arch of his back and the curve of his butt, and the other slid up his chest, wandering over valleys of tensed muscles and heaving breath.

“Does... it feel good?” Feliciano murmured as he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to Ludwig’s exposed throat. “Tesoro mio, does that feel good?”

Ja—” Ludwig managed to get out before his voice was swallowed by Feliciano’s lips crushing his own, the smaller man rocking against his body, pulling them closer together, nails scraping against the white flesh of Ludwig’s lower back.

They kissed, amidst the rolling motion of thrusts and twitches, Ludwig’s other leg curling around Feliciano’s knees. Feliciano breathed in Ludwig’s air and when they parted, lips wet with each other and swollen, they went in for more, kissing and feeling and touching all over.

Any remaining chill from the cold was erased from the room as the frost melted away from the steaming windows, curling away in fear of the condensation of passion. Feliciano’s hair curled at the ends from the growing humidity, and Ludwig happened to notice as he ran his hands repeatedly through Feliciano’s auburn locks.


“I love you, Ludi,” Feliciano whispered between Ludwig’s lips as he thrust harder, his hips quickening from their sordid pace, riding higher on his haunches and changing the angle. “I love you, Ludwig. I love you, Germany.

Feliciano re-captured the other in a kiss as he lay flush against Ludwig’s chest, releasing Ludwig’s leg from his shoulder and instead resting his hands at his hips, tending to his neglected cock and making Ludwig hiss through his teeth.

“Feli... you—augh,” Ludwig said, and he leaned up and kissed Feliciano square on the mouth, so enraptured with the man before him he couldn’t find words to express it.

I love you so much Ludwig thought in his lust-ridden, hazy mind. I love you so much I could burst. I’ve never felt more in love with you. I don’t know how I existed prior to you. Feliciano pulled away and a thin trail of saliva remained between their lips, Ludwig reaching out with his tongue and licking it away, drawing Feliciano into another bruising kiss.

“Mmm, Ludi, Ludi, ohhahhh—I-I—I see why you—enjoy this so much,” Feliciano murmured as he broke away from Ludwig’s lips. He went in for another, to follow up sugar with sugar, but Ludwig’s breaths were too quick now and he laid his head back, clutching the back of Feliciano’s head in his hands.

“Ahh—faster, Feli, please—”

“L-Ludi I think I—”

Mein Gott, Feliciano, Italy, ohhh—” Ludwig shuddered as Feliciano licked his neck, and the intense heat simmering beneath his belly button made him want to burst in ecstasy. He was almost at the climax, between the way Feliciano was filling him up and how just good his fingers felt, he was close. Part of him wanted to prolong the experience, the soft touches and the tender way he was handled by Feliciano. It was much more affectionate than anything Ludwig could hope of emulating. But it wasn’t any of those things that drove him over the edge.

Ice liebe dich,” Feliciano mumbled. “Ich liebe dich so sehr, mein Schatz.” Feliciano then kissed Ludwig’s lips, and Ludwig toppled over in pleasure while trapped in a deep kiss. He eventually broke it with his needy moans and his body shuddered and trembled beneath Feliciano, his hips bucking up and his knees knocking together, spilling over both Feliciano and himself but he didn’t care because the boiling water that had replaced his blood had itself been replaced with desire. He mouthed his lover’s name and closed his eyes, red in the face and panting, as orgasm doused his bones in warmth and his muscles relaxed.

Feliciano was more vocal, as he came just after Ludwig, moaning variants of I love you and ti amo over and over, and muttering other things so quickly and so quietly in Italian Ludwig couldn’t even pretend to understand them.

Feliciano collapsed onto Ludwig’s chest, eyes staring across the room, sinking into every one of Ludwig’s breaths, and sighing contentedly. They lay in silence as Ludwig wiped his sweaty forehead with his arm, wrapping his other arm around Feliciano’s shoulders. Ludwig closed his eyes, still lost in the afterglow, his breathing down to a normal rate but his heart still thrumming against his chest. Feliciano wiggled up next to him in the bed, eyes glowing and cheeks a healthy pink, and Ludwig opened his eyes to meet Feliciano’s. He always loved the way the Italian looked post-coitus; he seemed to glow with an ethereal light, lightly flushed and with naturally mussed and curly hair. Feliciano put his head in his hands and wagged his feet back and forth in the air, lying on his stomach and gazing at Ludwig with complete and utter adoration. It was such a loving look that Ludwig felt embarrassed, even though it was directed at him.

“Was I good?” Feliciano asked finally, voice hoarse. The corner of Ludwig’s lips twitched into a smile.

“Of course, Feli.” Ludwig reached up his hand and cupped Feliciano’s cheek. “Of course, Liebling.

“Mm, good,” Feliciano said as he nuzzled the hand on his face. “I always want to make Ludwig feel good.” Ludwig stroked Feliciano’s cheek with his thumb and then drew his fingers all around the shining face. His skin was somehow always softer after they had sex, although Ludwig was never sure if the skin had actually changed or Ludwig was feeling it differently.

Feliciano grabbed Ludwig’s hand and kissed his knuckles, snuggling down into the bed and up against Ludwig’s chest, tangling their legs together. Ludwig smiled and hugged Feliciano to his body, burying his nose in his hair. They lay for a moment, the wind whistling outside, and Ludwig knew Feliciano was close to sleep. There was one thing that Ludwig still had to tend to, however.

“Um, Liebling?

“Mm, yes, tesoro mio?”

“Do you... do you think we could shower?” Feliciano opened one eye at Ludwig. “And uh... change the sheets, maybe? Then we can sleep. You know, because we’re dirty and... sticky,” Ludwig said, his eyes avoiding Feliciano’s one gazing iris. Feliciano sniggered, covered his mouth with his hands, and failed at suppressing a round of giggles.

“L-Ludi is so German,” Feliciano said through his laughter. “Of course, it will feel nice, yes?”

“Yeah,” Ludwig said, and he sat up, running a hand through his wayward hair. “Um...” Feliciano sat up as well, rubbing his face, when he turned, saw Ludwig’s embarrassed look, and all but threw himself on top of Ludwig in a crushing hug.

“I love you so, so much,” Feliciano said, nearly knocking them both to the carpet. “So, so, so so so so so so much.” Ludwig wrapped his arms around Feliciano and swept him into his arms, sliding out of the bed.

“I... I love you, Feliciano. So, so much.”
Tags: germany, kink meme, n. italy, pairing: gerita, rating: r

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