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[APH] Once Bitten, Twice Shy [Giripan]

Title: Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Rating: R
Warnings: Uh, this is probably closer to PWP than anything (read: sex)
Characters/Pairings: Greece and Japan; Giripan
Summary: Kiku is rather embarrassed about how loud he is in bed, so he bites things to muffle the sounds... including people, sometimes.
Notes: My first post of the new year and it's a kink meme de-anon! This is the most recent fill I've written, although I have a ton bookmarked I'm just so lazy. Also I don't have a desk which limits my productivity so severely it's ridiculous. ANYWAY, here is some shameless smut, this prompt was just all sorts of adorable.


The thing that bothered Kiku the most, he had to admit, was just how… animalistic he sounded. There was really no other word to describe the heated moans and muted shrieks he emitted. He had taken himself by surprise the first time it happened, sometime after he started sleeping with Heracles, and he just couldn’t stop himself and really, everything up until that point in his life had been about immaculate control and reservation, surely he could keep his mouth shut.

“Hnngg… ah,” Kiku gasped as he hunched his shoulders and threw his head back against the bedspread, eyes twisted shut in pleasure. He groaned in frustration at how loud his last sound was, clamping his lips closed and focusing on his partner’s lips and tongue on his throat. He lost his hands in loose dark brown curls, and he heard Heracles’ characteristic sigh of happiness as he nipped at Kiku’s collarbone. Kiku couldn’t tell his own perspiration from Heracles’s on his bare chest, a fact that made him simultaneously excited and disturbed. And that thought—

“Oooohhhhmmmmm,” Kiku groaned, annoyed at his loud sigh and trying to muffle it by closing his lips, but failing miserably. Heracles chuckled into his chest, pushing himself up higher between the nation’s legs to settle on Kiku’s chest and kiss him on the lips.

“Are you… alright?” he breathed into Kiku’s skin. Kiku still had his eyes scrunched shut, one hand dropping from Heracles’s hair and instead digging into the hotel bedspread like it was his last lifeline, arching his back from the well-placed thrust Heracles offered his lover.

“Ahh—yes,” Kiku answered, wrapping his free leg around Heracles’s. Heracles placed a hand on Kiku’s cheek, using his thumb to caress the corner of his lips. Kiku opened his eyes half-way, looking up at Heracles, lips pressed firmly shut. Heracles shifted his hips, leaning his body flush against Kiku’s, pushing himself all the way onto the hotel bed and pinning Kiku’s much neglected length between them, causing Kiku to hiss. Heracles kissed Kiku full on the lips, lifting Kiku’s hips against his own, the friction between his abdomen and Kiku’s groin causing the nation to release his lips and let out a very low, very loud sound.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Heracles asked as Kiku flushed an ever darker red.

“I—I’m fine, I-I just ohhhhahhh Heracles, Heracles,” Kiku answered as Heracles wiggled his hips a bit, applying even more delicious friction to Kiku. “H-Heracles, do not stop—oh, I’m s-sorry, I-I do not mean to demand things from—hnngg,” Kiku said all jumbled at once, panting and flushed and gleaming with sweat. Heracles almost wanted to laugh at the raw confliction Kiku felt between his repressed upbringing and his basest sexual urges.

“Y-you’re not helping,” Kiku murmured, frowning slightly up at Heracles as the Greek pulled Kiku’s lips open with his thumb.

“I don’t know why it bothers you,” Heracles said as he kissed all over Kiku’s cheeks. “We can always hear everyone else in these hotels.”

“B-but—I don’t want anyone to—ahhhhh” Kiku hissed, groping for the sheet and pulling the corner between his teeth. He bit down on the blanket, riding out his sensual moan until he was left with awkward breaths and Heracles laughing silently into his neck as he began suckling the Japanese man’s throat once more. The closer Kiku came to climax, the louder he became. His toes twitched at the feeling of being filled to the brim and his pulse throbbed behind his ears. Heracles’s long fingers found his cheeks again, one hand settled on stroking the outlines of his muscles and the other prodding his mouth open again.

“Do not be so ashamed,” Heracles begged. “The sounds are very attractive.” Just the admission alone that something, anything Kiku did was “attractive” was a shock, although it didn’t make him want to muffle his moans any less.

“Please,” Heracles said in a breathy whisper beneath his chin. “I want to know that you’re feeling good.” Kiku bit his lower lip, even with Heracles’s thumb at the corner of his mouth. His body was warming up faster and faster and the lights overhead seemed to dim as Heracles’s breathing became more ragged and chaotic. Chaotic, that’s what this was. Animalistic. Primal.

He began sucking on Heracles’s thumb to give his mouth something to do aside from destroy his carefully-built façade. Heracles had long broken past the portrait Kiku had painted of himself, and he didn’t want the entire world to hear it shredding as well.

“Oh, Kiku, you’re so beautiful,” Heracles mumbled as he trailed his tongue over a nipple. Kiku swallowed in anticipation. Heracles’s other hand drifted down to Kiku’s waist and slid between them, taking hold of Kiku’s member and erratically stroking him off; Kiku swallowed a groan. Last time they did this, Kiku had shoved an entire throw pillow into his face to muffle the sound, even though no one else had even been in the house. For Kiku, it didn’t matter; it was the principle of the situation. But then, Kiku’s leg spasmed and his lower body tingled and he was so close now, he’d been muffling his moans since Heracles had tackled him in the elevator before pinning him to the door, kissing every bare inch of skin and murmuring I want to take you on the floor, on the bed, and you take me in the shower, and on the sofa—

“Kiku, Kiku—”


Ow!” Heracles yelped as Kiku bit down on the closest thing to his traitorous mouth—Heracles’s thumb. Heracles pulled his hand from Kiku’s face and stopped moving, much to Kiku’s annoyance, to inspect his injured digit. He had definite teeth marks along his upper thumb, although no blood had been drawn. Kiku lay beneath him, looking even more embarrassed than Heracles had ever seen him, one hand clamped over his mouth and eyes wide. For a moment they lay in silence, and Kiku wondered if he’d just completely ruined the mood.

But then Heracles sucked on his thumb for a moment, looked at it, shrugged, and then used both his hands to hoist Kiku’s waist higher to get a better angle and Kiku thrust back against him as his body rocked with more feeling than before.

“I-I’m sor—ohhh” Kiku grunted as Heracles gripped his cock again and began finishing what he started. The Greek sat up and pulled Kiku up with him, propping themselves up on the bed, Heracles murmuring Kiku’s name over and over and leaving dark welts along his neck.

“You’re amazing,” he murmured. “You’re delicious and you’re incredible and you bit me because I made you feel so good.” At that, Heracles gently bit Kiku’s shoulder, and grinned at the sound Kiku made in response.

“H-Heracles, I’m really close—” Kiku said, clamping one hand to the back of Heracles’s head and pushing himself as close as he could into Heracles’s olive skin.

“Say my name when you come,” Heracles pleaded. Kiku’s entire body trembled with delight as Heracles’s deft fingers made him teeter the edge. “Say it really loud, like all your moans.”


“I know you will anyway,” Heracles teased, although he wasn’t sure how true that was. Kiku’s breathing increased dramatically as something white-hot and intense coursed through him, and he leaned back with Heracles’s hands on his lower back and holding his chest, digging his nails into Heracles’s scalp.

“I-I-I think I’m—ohhhhhahhhhhmmmmmHeracles,” Kiku groaned, trying to keep his voice quiet. “Ohhhh Heracles, Heracles Heracles ahh…” he came at once, the name Heracles rolling off his tongue multiple times, each a bit louder than the last until it was drowned out by moans of pleasure and Japanese curses.

Kiku leaned against Heracles, laying his head on the larger man’s shoulder and basking in the afterglow, still riding on his orgasmic high as Heracles came within him, but he didn’t even care, he felt so light. Embarrassment temporarily forgotten, he accepted Heracles’s arms around him even though they were both sweaty and grimy, curled up against the Greek and ghosted kisses to his clavicle.

“Alright?” Heracles murmured. Kiku simply nodded and closed his eyes, burying his face into Heracles’s chest. “You really shouldn’t be so embarrassed; you sound like you’re really enjoying yourself.”

“It’s… I just… I don’t want the entire conference to know what we were doing,” Kiku murmured. “These walls are just so thin.”

“You do this when we’re alone in your house that’s, may I remind you, on top of a hill,” Heracles pointed out as he stroked Kiku’s inky hair. He laid them both down against the duvet, side-by-side, face to burning, flushed face. Kiku stared at Heracles with lidded eyes, still trapped in the after effects of orgasm but slowly returning to normal.

“I just never expected to be so… loud,” Kiku responded with distaste in his mouth. He wiggled uncomfortably against the bedspread. “I think I may bathe.”

“We can go together,” Heracles said, smiling. “That way the sound of the water will drown out your moans.” Kiku blushed but said nothing in response. “I’m joking, by the way. I know I said I wanted to have sex with you all over the room but I never meant all in one night. I know you’re stamina isn’t up to it.” Kiku just sighed indignantly through his nose and allowed Heracles to gently touch his cheek.

“I like it because I know it means you’re enjoying yourself,” Heracles said in a softer tone. “It means you trust me to see the part of you no one else does.” Kiku frowned, guilt clouding his heart. Yes, he did trust Heracles enough to show him the unbidden side of him, and there was a part of him that wanted to shriek and moan and just let loose completely when they made love because he knew that Heracles enjoyed it. But all the same, he couldn’t quite make the leap. Not yet.

“I think I’ll be able to get over it, one day, maybe,” Kiku said in a quiet voice. He leaned forward and pecked Heracles’s lips, sitting up and running his hands through sweat-matted locks as he did so. “I think I definitely will bathe… and you can come, too,” Kiku said, flushing and avoiding Heracles’s gaze. “That way we’ll both be clean... I-I’ll go start a bath.” Kiku slid off the bed, resisted the urge to pull the duvet out from under Heracles and wrap it around himself, and wandered into the washroom, flicking on the light. Heracles lay on the bed, fighting the temptation to fall asleep. Just as he was about to sidle to the washroom, Kiku surprised him by darting out of the washroom, leaning over the bed, grabbing Heracles by the wrists and all but dragging him off the bed and into the washroom with him, pinning the larger nation against the door.

“You said you’d let me take you in the shower,” Kiku said, biting his lower lip. “And this washroom doesn’t have a bathtub.” Heracles grinned, swooping in and kissing Kiku before gathering the smaller nation into his arms and swooping him into the washroom, wondering if the shower could possibly be loud enough to drown out Kiku’s moans.

As long as Kiku thinks so, Heracles thought as he slammed the door shut.
Tags: greece, japan, kink meme, pairing: giripan, rating: r

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