shibbyone (shibbyone) wrote,

A great Tumblr; a great studying tool

No, Tumblr is NOT a great studying tool. Anyway, I came across this blog recently: As much as it's really bitchy, it does raise a lot of valid points about doing your research in historical fics, and following canon, and whatnot while writing. As someone who tries to have accuracy in her fics I appreciate a lot of the tips on this blog.

That being said, I'm using fanfic writing as a reward system for work. Every time I write a little bit of this essay, I write a little bit of a kink meme fill I'm working on/ 2 USUK fics I have going at once (WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN NUMBER OF THINGS I'M DOING) so there's that.

That's all.

How're you?
Tags: irl, irl: bitch bitch bitch, irl: school, real life

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